Wednesday, 15 August 2012

No Pictures, Gaelic, or Tattoos

Bryce the Pirate
Looks like we left our USB cable at home.  So unfortunately, there will be no posted pics of the family until we get back.  That just leaves a reason for people to head back in September, right?

Three days of class under my belt.  Fantastic questions were presented and the dialogue has been outstanding.  In general, we're looking at changing technology and the ethics that potentially surround this innovative landscape with an eye toward what theological claims are at stake.  I'll put more about it on the church blog sometime.  For now, I'll leave it by saying this class is inspiring, challenging, and exactly what I needed.

Rachell and the kids have made the most of their days in Aberdeen.  They visited the Maritime Museum, complete with children's scavenger hunts.  Excellent time looking around pirate things, oil rigs, and fishing vessels.  The other days they've spent swimming at the next door pool, walking through city centre, and heading out to King's College to visit me at lunch.  They're walking a TON of miles out here and going to sleep very easily at night.

Lord's Prayer in Gaelic
Denali is fascinated with Gaelic.  She heard some folks speaking it on a train and watched the BBC station in Gaelic.  She asked if she can learn it in school.  Anybody's school offer it in the States?  The language is interesting.  It is listed with English on all the signs out here but the phonetics of it are so confusing to us.  The "b" is pronounced like "v..." or so I think.  What do I know?  I do know that I can tell Denali and she'll believe me.  Don't misread me, I'm not trying to lie to the kids.  But sometimes the incessant "Why?" questions get tough.

Bryce asked a "why" question yesterday that cracked me up.  We were in the locker room at the gym getting ready to go swimming when Bryce saw another man changing.  He was probably twenty something and tattooed from head to toe.  There were very few square inches on his body without tattoos. Bryce loudly says to me, "How did he do that to his body?"  The menacing looking gentleman hears us and thankfully, smiles at Bryce and said, "I did it with lots of help and lots of time."  To which Bryce rightly answered, "Why would you do that?"  The man laughed and something unintelligible in an extremely thick Scottish accent.

We just finished an incredible dinner of Scottish lamb and mint burgers and are getting ready for bed.  We're all happy and healthy here in the UK.  Thanks for reading!


  1. Andrew does not own a smartphone with a camera and the ability to upload pics?

  2. You make a good point, Corey. Yes, I have a smart phone and yes, it does take pictures. However, we've had it off the whole trip (WAAAAYYYY too much money to activate and use) so we've been using Rachell's camera for pictures. That's the one that doesn't have a cable. What I'm trying to say is I'm a spaz, I should've brought a cable, and I should've used my android for pictures. You're smarter, better prepared, and just a better person to be around, my friend. You should be here keeping me in line!