Wednesday, 5 September 2012

More on Riding the Bus

Bryce and Denali on a plane
Let's get back to this bus thing.  Yesterday, Rachell and the kids purchased a family bus pass.  I'm thankful my children can be so fascinated and entertained by the simple act of riding a bus.  While Denali rode the bus everyday to kindergarten last year, she and her brother are largely unexposed to public transportation in mid-Michigan.

So far on this trip, we've flown on planes, rode on fast commuter trains, enjoyed a leisurely steam train in the country, driven in rental cars on the wrong side of the road, hopped in taxis, and walked dozens and dozens of miles throughout the Scottish highlands, lowlands, cities, and farms.  These kids have traveled.
City bus in Aberdeen
Tonight we get on a gigantic ferry taking us 250 miles north east from Aberdeen to Lerwick in the Shetland Islands.  At the end of the day,
Scotrail trail
our children will have experienced nearly every medium of travel possible in this great northern kingdom...and they have loved it.

As adults, we don't seem to revel in the means of transportation.  By that I mean we don't get as excited anymore about the flight or the ride on the bus as much as we do about the destination.  To our children, these activities have equal merit.  Forgive the cliche, but they enjoy the journey as much (or sometimes more) than the destination.
The road to Skye

Waiting for the plane...we're VERY tired.

Can the trip itself be the end goal?  Can simply driving, riding, flying, or boating be the goal?  I certainly hope so.

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