Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Eating at Home and Riding the Bus

Lou Nyiri, Rory MacLeod, and Rachell
Thursday, August 23 – Dinner at our house
For our second to last night in Aberdeen, we decided to throw a small (emphasis on small) dinner party with a couple of guys from my class.  So, we took advantage of our apartment amenities (again, emphasis on small) and Rachell made a wonderful homemade meal for our family with the addition of good friends Lou Nyiri from Gettysburg, PA and Rory MacLeod from St. Andrews, Scotland.  It was a great reminder of being home.  While we’ve loved traveling, one can only eat outside of the house so many times in a row before they start craving something cooked in your own kitchen.  You could tell the kids were about finished with the Aberdeen part of our adventure.  They’re starting to crack.  Lou and Rory were a welcome distraction.  Bryce kept the conversation going with an emphasis on Star Wars, Legos, and of course, Star Wars Legos.  It was a great way to close out the week in Aberdeen.

Bryce and Denali playing
The bus rules!
Robert the Bruce...with Denali and Bryce the Pomervilles
The previous day we explored the town by bus.  Rachell took Denali and Bryce to outdoor gardens and parks throughout the city during the day before picking me up for their progressive park party in the evening.  Again, the means of transportation were more exciting for the kids than the destinations.  They were fascinated by riding on the bus.  A little too fascinated.  If someone wanted to rob the tourists who look like they don’t know what they’re doing, then we would offer the perfect option.  Enjoy some of the pics!

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